On March 25, DINT was joined by SAY Yang in a one-of-a-kind talk and workshop where they discussed the key to a successful team, business, and community: diversity. With a unique perspective that great minds don’t think alike, SAY led a workshop on diversity, psychological safety, and how to create a SAFE (Sharing Acceptance, Fairness, and Empathy) space for diversity.

SAY Yang is the current Content Marketing Manager for Employer Brand at Grammarly, and they have delivered popular talks on diversity and creativity at Grace Hopper Celebration, Cisco, Oracle, Lesbians Who Tech, and Women Who Code. …

DINT - Diversity & Inclusion in Tech

DINT is a free online community set up to make connections between people who care about diversity and inclusion in tech. Join us! https://www.joinit.org/o/dint

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